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What's Knot to Love

Love Notes from 2007-2010

You took wonderful care of us and we send loads of appreciation your way for your efforts. Everything was absolutely perfect!! Fantastic experience!!! We loved every minute of the wedding and reception! Thank you so much. ~Carolyn Kizer, Mother of the Bride May 19, 2007 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Jennifer is a wonderful person and very easy to work with. She is quite intelligent and very good at what she does. Not only as a site manager but coordinates and makes sure everything is top notch at any event and runs smoothly. She coordinates an event that one will never forget. If you want your wedding or event to be very memorable Jennifer is your choice. Great Job!” November 13, 2009- Wayne Pecinich, Owner, CSM Video Productions LLC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Thank you for the amazing fairy tale you created and revealed on my wedding day! I truly gained a friend for life just by having you a part of the biggest day of my life! Words will never thank you enough! Love- Bree Brewer (October 2, 2010) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “It is fair to say that I have been to a good number of weddings and receptions. Of all, Jennifer is the most organized and dedicated event manager I have worked with. No detail is too small nor is any breakdown too big for Jen to handle. And she does it with ease and a smile. She definitely has a great commitment to customer service and I believe that she has a genuine passion for what she does. You will not be disappointed by trusting her with your most important of events.” October 25, 2010- Jim Shaw, Owner, Jim Shaw Photography LLC

2011 Love Notes

Dear Jennifer, Thank you for all of your help in making our wedding day so special. You have been unbelievely helpful! We wish you all the best in th future. ~Love Paul & Nicole~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Jennifer, Thank you for making this such a special day- you have been wonderful to work with. We appreciate all of your hard work! ~Roberta & Dave Lombardi (June 2011) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jennifer & Crew, We want to say thank you so much for makng this day a beautiful one. Thanks to all of you. ~ Mr. & Mrs. Manigault ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jennifer- Thank you so much for helping make this day even more special!!! ~Catherine & Jamison Stack~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Jen, Katie & I really appreciate all the hard work you have put in to making our wedding day so beautiful. Thank you for everything you done, we could not have done it without your expertise and professionalism! You have made our special day be just that! Thanks again, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Ingle (July 30, 2011) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jennifer, Without you this wedding would be a complete wreck. I thank you for all of your hardwork and insite to the wedding world. You are nothing short of AWESOME! ~Kalyn

2012 Love Notes

When Steven and I met you almost a week after we got engaged, we knew this was going to be an amazing journey. I loved how I never really stressed or worried about anything. although there were some bumps along the way, everything owrked out for the best! We want to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for making our wedding truly magical. We couldn't have asked for a better cordinator to make all of our dreams come true. ~Love Mr. & Mrs. Dixon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jennifer, Thank you for all the time & hard work into making this day happen flawlessly. I'm so glad we found you. You are amazing!! Thank you for everything! ~Charliss & Tyler ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Jennifer, I know it's your job and all, but I just want to thank you for all of your hard work to make David and Amanda's wedding the great success it was. Everyone raved about the venue, food, just all of it!! The entire evening was fabulous; heat and all! Thanks again for such a memoriable event for our families. ~Ellen (mother of the groom 6/30/2012) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Jenn, Thanks so much for all of your hard work in making our wedding day a success. We appreciate all your guidance, upbeat attitude, and flexibility in making thisday a representation of our relationship. Best Wishes, Carolyn & Lars ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jennifer, I can't imagine what we would have done if you had not been there to keep everything "calm and carrying on." Thanks so much!! Judy (mother of the bride Sept. 2012) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BEST WEDDING CORDINATOR EVER!!! love Mr. & Mrs. Rodgers

Love Notes from 2013

We cannot say thank you enough to Jennifer and her amazing well trained staff. I cannot imagine what we would do without her. The wedding was amazing. Anytime I needed her, she was there. Anytime I forgot something, she had it covered. She made everything so smooth and comfortable and all I had to do was enjoy our night of wedded fun. Thank you so much Jennifer. We love you! ~Meredith, Sept 2013 Bride _______________________________________________________________________ “Jennifer was a vital part of our wedding day. It is an understatement to say that we couldn't have done it without her. She made the entire planning process so fun and easy. Her joy, Passion, and Zest for life along with her professionalism made us feel 110% confident in her good work! She was a calming presence and we thank her for all of her patience. Her warm hugs and friendly smile amplified our excitement leading up to and on our big day! She covered EVERY detail; no matter how big or small and made our day absolutely PERFECT! Jennifer held our best interests at heart and we feel so lucky to have had her as our guide through the wedding planning journey!!!” ~Kat & Adam _____________________________________________________________________ “Jennifer Ball of Knot Your Average Events, is one of the most professional event planners we have worked with. Jennifer has a keen eye for detail and knows exactly how work her magic at every wedding she does. She amazes her brides and grooms with her outstanding out of the box thinking and has a way of putting everyone at ease. As a vendor, I love working with Jennifer, she makes everyone feel like they are part of team and you have a great time working with he because of her attention to details. She’s certainly knot your average event planner. “ Michelle Robinson of Michelle Robinson Photography ____________________________________________________________________ “Eric and I were and still so honored to have had Jennifer plan our wedding but also our Sandals Honeymoon. Eric and I knew instantly after the venue tour that she is who we wanted to work with . She has such passion , heart and integrity. The way she spoke to us showed us that we were not just another couple. She truly enjoys what she does. She does what she does not in order to call herself employed but because she honestly cares about people and making their dreams come true. Eric and I had our dream wedding and we are even more excited to have our dream honeymoon in less than two months. Jennifer is simply the best. I am not articulate enough to put into words what she did and continues to do for us. She is one amazing lady and our lives are blessed because she is in it. Thank you to Jennifer for making our dreams come true in more than one way.” ~Kate & Eric Massey

Love Notes from 2014

Dear Jennifer, Words will fail to adequately express how thankful we are that you chose to accept to be our wedding planner. This event would not have happened without all of your time and effort. Your expertise and experience were so incredibly essential to this event. You made the day go over so smoothly and tied up all of our loose ends. This wedding would not have happened without you. Forever grateful, Dave & Amanda (Bride & Groom Feb 2014) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jenn and Company are A-mazing!!!!! As the mother of the bride, I could not have asked for more. She handled EVERYTHING so that my daughter and I could relax and thoroughly enjoy her big day! She had EVERYTHING right down to the last detail under control. Her staffwas nothing short of excellent, very attentive. I could go on & on but still never give enough credit where it’s due. Her services were absolutely awesome!! ~Kristel, mother of the bride April 2014

Love Notes of 2015

Each of you were absolutely ! I can not thank you enough for making our wedding day perfect. You tackled each moment with a smile and I will forever be grateful for how professional and personable you all were. Our friends and family have not stopped talking about what a great staff you were and how you made them feel special. Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding day the BEST day of our lives! ~ Brooke 5/24/15 bride ___________________________________________ Thank you for simply being amazing! Each of you was magnificent and so detailed oriented it blew me away! From the help with my mom to the class of your staff it was UNREAL! I want to sincerely say you are the BEST group of professionals I have ever been around! Thanks for making our dreams come true! ~Mike 5/24/2015 groom ___________________________________________ Dear Jennifer, Where do we start? Thank you soooo much for making our wedding day what it was- memories full of love, joy, happiness. Stress and worry free. EASY! It was absolutely wonderful- start to finish. You hard work, effort, and energy helped to create one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. You made it so I enjoyed our day. I was so overcome with happiness, tears, love, emotion and I loved it. I loved that I felt that way. Even now writing this card, I'm teary eyed and thankful for meeting you and your kind and exceptional staff. I am very grateful. Please share this with your staff: Jennifer (intern)- helped to keep me calm and cool before the ceremony. Kristian- patient and kind before and after the ceremony. Lachelle- who greeted us with a warm smile and hug at our front door and who wobbled like a ROCKSTAR! And Jonathon who I actually did not see at the ceremony but I heard was working that ceremony like no body's business! A MILLION THANK YOUS! Jennifer you are wonderful. I am grateful, thankful and you will always be a special person to me and my memory. You do good work! In friendship~ Colleen June 2015 bride ___________________________________________ Dear Jenn, Where do we begin? WE are so grateful to have met you! WE instantly felt a connection with you and knew that this wedding would be so special. We appreciate so much all of the time you devoted to planning our event and meeting with us. You definitely helped make our dream wedding come true! We are so happy that we have gained a new friend and will keep in touch. Love Tia & Chris July 2015 destination wedding ___________________________________________ Jennifer, Thank you so much for the extra effort on our behalf for the last two weddings we did together. You packed up our décor and even brought it to us. A big thanks for always looking out for props and design items for us too. We love the sleds! Your Friends, Flowers by Gary ___________________________________________ Jenn, Gosh, where do we begin to show you how much you are appreciated?!?! As we have said many times, you have been the perfect match for us! Having you take care of everything has given the "far away mom" and "the bride-to-be with a crazy, busy schedule". a peace of mind that it will come together on Saturday and be "Knot Your Average Event!" Thanks again~ Cyndee & Alicia (MOB & Bride from Dec 2015 ___________________________________________ Jenn, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I am soooo glad we came to the bridal show at Autumn Creek Vineyard. I pretty much knew that day, KYAE would be the ones helping plan our big day. Couldn't imagine anyone else. Thank you so much! ~ Beth and Jason (couple from Oct 2015) ___________________________________________ Thank you for helping to make our day so special! Love Heather & David Oct 2015 couple ___________________________________________ Prof Ball: each Fall, we ask students to nominate faculty for one of several HHS teaching awards. Most students include a brief statement describing why they are making their nomination. This Fall, you were nominated for your teaching in CTR 423. Unfortunately, only full-time faculty can be considered for these HHS awards, but, I think it is important to pass the comments students make about faculty along. It's always nice to feel appreciated! So, congratulations! Below, I've pasted the comments made by your nominator: Ms. Ball goes above and beyond for her students. She made the class very fun and extremely informative. She really cares about her students and works with them individually if they need it. She is and excellent example of an event planner! ~Honored to be nominated even as a part-time professor