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Does your venue come with a tent?  We specialize in tented weddings.  Jennifer Ball worked for an outdoor tented venue for 10 years prior to starting KYAE.  She's been through hail storms, tornados, thunder and lighting along with several rained out ceremonies. 

"The best advice can I give anyone planning an outdoor wedding is plan your dream wedding but have a solid backup plan.  If the good Lord thinks today is a great day to water his flowers...then it could rain on your wedding or event.  PLAN for all possibilities.  By having a professional event team onsite that will be one less thing you have to worry about." 

      With tented weddings you have to keep in mind about weather, wind with centerpieces and place settings, lighting for the event (and the parking areas) and clean up, bugs, AC vs HEAT, and the list can go on and on.... Allow us to help guide through this process.  We've got posts on our blog about advice, checklists and ideas for tented weddings.  Remember we're here to help you!


       We loooooooove at home weddings and events.  However, know these events typically end up costing more than using a traditional event venue because your home because a destination wedding site. 

       Most home events need to add tents, restroom units, generators, rentals and shuttles for parking.  Check out our blog on Backyard Weddings to learn what it takes to create an in home event.  We have a full team ready to help you with rentals, layouts, design and the logistics of planning a small or large event.